Robert Boles

President and Founder

Robert Boles has one philosophy that all business owners could benefit from using. His motto is
“if we always take care of our clients by doing right by them in the most honest way, having fun
in the process, everything else will take care of itself.”
He is a major contributing author to multiple best sellers on Amazon, and a President’s Club
Achiever as a IP Security Engineer while working at SBC.
Robert is the President and Founder of BLOKWORX, an organization that prides itself on being a
solution provider for companies both large and small. The author of SBC response to City and
County of San Francisco Wifi Initiative, he has designed infrastructure for hundreds of
companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations such as Apple, Cisco, and
Microsoft. Bringing over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and complex global networks,
Robert has developed a company based on his core beliefs in security, reliability, and
deliverability of a user-friendly service that is appreciated by clients all around. Throughout his
time in the IT realm, Robert has focused on building IT solutions that are secure, scalable and
seamless components of business IT strategy, while simultaneously enjoyed by the end user.
Before founding BLOKWORX, Robert worked for a major telecommunications company as a IP
Security Engineer focused on complex networks and security managed services for Fortune 500
and mid-market enterprise companies. He was considered a senior-level specialized engineer, 1
of 5 in a company of 200,000 employees. He was the lead designer of several solutions
successfully implemented in over 1,400 international locations. Robert served as a Design
Engineer on the San Francisco 311 Project, San Francisco International Airport Network
Resiliency and Continuity Project, as well as providing consultation to foreign government
agencies overseas.
Seven years after being deeply involved in the ins and outs of the industry, Robert decided to
create a company that could craft the solutions he had been designing and implementing for
small and medium sized businesses. Rob made a conscious effort to keep client retention and
client service at the top of his priority list. These components have been the primary reason for
the major early success of BLOKWORX.
Robert joined the United States Marine Corps and served in Operation Desert Shield/ Desert
Storm. He considers his experience in the service and small-town upbringing major influencers
in his focus on relationships and teamwork.
In his free time, you can find Robert enjoying time with family, snowboarding, mountain biking,
golfing, and rocking out to live music somewhere.
Feel free to connect with Rob to find out more about him as well as BLOKWORX.